Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

Trip Organisers

Trip Organisers are volunteers who give up their time, free of charge, to act as a contact point for paddlers who are interested in paddling.
Organisers are not accepting responsibility for other paddlers or for instructing them as part of the trip.

OSKA trips are NOT guided trips run by qualified instructors.

Organisers will generally issue details of a meeting place and time and a suggested route from their knowledge of the area.
Tidal conditions and distances involved make it important to be ready at the correct time. If you are late donít expect other paddlers to wait for you.
Be aware that the organiser may have to change or cancel the trip due to weather conditions or for other reasons, so check nearer the trip that its still on.

Please be aware that Organisers may refuse to let you come on a trip because they are unsure of your competence/fitness or because the trip is oversubscribed. Participation is always at the discretion of the organiser.

Your Responsibilities

Your participation is on the basis that you are over 18 and responsible for your own safety.

As a competent adult paddler you should make your own decisions as part of the group and accept responsibility for them.
You are responsible for judging if any problems you suffer from may affect the safety of yourself and other Group Members.
You are strongly advised to share potential medical problems with the Organiser and/or other paddlers but be aware that the responsibility lies with you.

You should be a competent group paddler. You should be able to swim 50m wearing clothing and tread water for 1 minute.
For open water trips away from the shore, you should have practised being rescued and taking charge of a rescue in deep-water.
You should appreciate that other paddlers may refuse to paddle with you if your abilities or equipment are not up to scratch.

Weather and water conditions will affect what you can cope with at your own skill level and physical condition.
You should do your own planning, listen to the weather forecast and make sure you are happy to do what the other paddlers want to do.

Club Equipment

Club Kayaks