Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Mon 11 Nov Tingwall to Puldrite 5nm Stewart Peter Calm
Sat 12 Oct Houton to west of Scad Head (Hoy), lunch on Rysa then on to visit Pelamis at Lyness before retuning to Houton along West side of Cava 12nm Nick Duncan, Peter Easterly wind. Mostly Sea state 1-2
Tue 9 Jul from far end of barrier 2, out past Burray point and a bit beyond 8nm Johnny Stuart, Peter, Emma "wee breeze"
Tue 3rd Sep 1st barrier to the 3rd barrier 3nm Johnny Peter calm
Tue 27 Aug Inganess to Head of Holland 4nm Peter Johnny calm
Sun 8 Sep Burwick to Sandwick bay 5nm Peter, Johnny, Jackie Calm but 3rd hour of spring tide provided a bit of fun at Barth Head
Sun 2 Jun Tingwall - Kirkwall (via North of Egilsay, Muckle Green Holm and Shapinsay) 21.8nm Nick Duncan Cloudy with long sunny spells, Wind WNW-NW 10-12 kts, sea state 2-3
Sun 26 May Dingieshowie to 1st barrier 6.1nm Nick Malc, Tom Sea state 1, Sun with some cloud, wind variable F2
Mon 19 May Hoxa, South Ronaldsay around Flotta return. 10.6nm Nick Jackie, Duncan, Antje, Colin P (KKC) + 5 paddlers from Drumchapel Neap tides, Sunshine, mist in the distance, sea state 1-2
Sun 21 Apr Houton to Scapa 9nm Peter Johnny Malc Brisk SSW tail wind sunny intially with a couple of squalls on route
Sat 6 Apr From fourth barrier to Windwick 6.4nm Nick, Duncan, Jackie North Westerly F3/F4 very cool breeze but bright
Tue 2 Apr Hemp Stack from Scapa pier 2.5nm Peter calm
Sun 31 Mar St Marys to Scapa 5.4nm Nick, Duncan, Donna Sunny, a glorious day
Tue 19 Feb Hemp stack from Scapa pier 2.5nm Peter Rachael Fay calm
Tue 26 Feb East side of Scapa past Hemp Stack and Deepdale 6nm Peter Elspeth Light S'ly. Sea state 1
Mon 7 Jan Inganess Bay to Halley 6.5nm Nick Duncan, Jenni, Jackie and Donna SE wind starting F2 rising to F3/4 sea state 1/2, overcast