Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Thu 27 Dec Dingieshowie to Holm Kirk 5.7nm Nick sunny with some cloud, NNE wind
Wed 26 Dec Gloup and Brough of Birsay 4 Peter, Johnny, Malcolm, Fiona pretty calm with occ bit of swell
Sun 25 Nov Around Cava from Houton 6nm Nick Peter Stuart Jackie Moodie Duncan Overcast but sea state1 with little wind
Sun 4 Nov Shapinsay village from Craigiefield 6nm Peter Johnny Stuart calm with lovely effects as the sun went down over Kirkwall Bay
Sun 14 Oct Birsay Slip to Marwick Bay around Marwick Head 3nm Peter Stuart NNE 20mph sea state 4 around Head
Sun 7 Oct Scapa to Holm 5.2nm Nick, Jonny, Peter Cloudy with bright sunny spells. North westerly-westerly winds 12kts gusting 16-17kts, Sea state 3-4.
Sun 12 Aug Stromness (Ness Slip) to Bay of Skaill 10.2nm Nick Duncan, Mary Started out in a following SE F4 wind, Sheltered by the cliffs on the west coast once past Billia Croo, Sea stae 1 for the majority of paddle. From Yesnaby to Skaill F6 winds, sea state 3, numerous white caps and spray having to keep hold of paddle in squally winds off the cliffs. Final slog against wind turning into Bay of Skaill.
31st July from 3rd barrier round Hunda 7nm Antje,Donna,Lesley,Peter,Stuart,Johnny calm, beautiful sunset over the 'Flow'.
tu 17.7. Newark Bay to Copinsay 5.2nm Johnny, Duncan, Moodie, Ivan, Antje cloudy, flat sea state with slight northerly wind 4mph
sun 15.7. Kirkhouse point to Windwick 2.6nm Johnny Johnny and Duncan good
Sun 8 Jul Scapa Pier to St Marys, Holm 5.3nm Nick,Duncan Fog, Sea State 1, F4-F5 NE winds although predominately shelterd from this direction
Tue 3 Jul Finstown 1.6nm Johnny, Malcolm, Moodie, Antje cloud with haar, easterly 13
Sat 9th/Sun 12th June 2012 Westray (Rapness)- Stronsay (Whitehall Village) 21.6nm Nick Jenni, Duncan Consistant NE winds F4 over the entire weekend, Cool, cloudy with occasional sunny spells, Sea Sates 1-4 encountered at different times.
Sun 3 June Dingieshowie to Holm Cemetery 5.5nm Nick Antje, Jackie, Duncan, Ivan and Amy Wind Northerly F4-5, but mostly sheltered and assisted until had come round Roseness, then head wind for last stretch home. Sea state 2
Sat 19 May St Mary's - Windwick 10nm Nick Duncan NE - ENE end 12 kts (F4)Sunny with cloud, sea state 2-3
Sun 6 May Dingieshowe to Holm Cemetery 6nm Peter Duncan NW 4 Sunny (but heavy hail showers before and after paddle
Sea state 1
Thu 3 May Hall of Tankerness to Orwick and back again 5.6nm Donna S, Duncan, Jackie, Lyndsey, Malcolm Sunny with a slight breeze
Tue 8 Apr Newark Slipway to Sandside and back 6.5nm Ansgar, Dennis F4, but sheltered most of the time
Sun 1 Apr From Dingieshowe to Holm Church 5.8nm Ansgar, Antje, Dennis, Johnny, Nick F5-6, but we were mostly sheltered from/assisted by the northerly wind. No sea state
Sat 31 Mar From Scapa Pier to St. Mary`s with a de-tour to the first barrier 5nm Ansgar, Dennis, Jackie F4-5, cloudy with sun coming through at times
Sun 18 Mar East side of Burray from 4th to 3rd barrier 4nm Ansgar, Duncan, Jenni, Nick F5 and above, heavy gusts and short showers, but sunshine and calm sheltered areas as well
Sun 4 Mar Inganess to Bay of Meil and back 6nm Ansgar,Antje,Dennis,Ivan,Jackie,Jenni,Johnny,Peter,Raymond F2 (3?)light swell, breaking surf at Inganess and Bay of Meil
Sun 26 Feb Finstown to Tingwall 7nm Ansgar Antje Johnny Jackie Peter Duncan Ivan and Amy SSW F5 overcast
Quite choppy in parts until Puldrite
Sun 12 Feb Houton to Scapa 8.2nm Jackie Peter Stuart F3/F4 Westerly
Sun 12 Feb Around Cava from Houton 6nm Ansgar, Dennis, Donna, Duncan, Johnny, Lesley, Lyndsey, Malcolm F3
Sat 11 Feb Scapa Pier to Waulkmill Bay and back 5nm Ansgar, Dennis Calm, glassy water
Sun 5 Feb Roseness from Holm cemetery (had intended going on to Dingieshowe but a bit choppier than anticipated at Roseness 4nm Ansgar Nick Duncan Johnny Peter Significant swell at Roseness after previous day's gales
Sun 15 Jan Inganess to Craigiefield (afternoon paddle), via Helliar Holm for some 6nm Ansgar, Duncan, Jenni, Jackie, Nick, Peter, and Kristian from the dark side Sunny, little tide in String, F1
Sun 15 Jan Inganess to Yinstay 5nm Amy, Ansgar, Antje, Dennis, Donna, Ivan, Jackie, Johnny, Lesley, Leslie, Lindsay, Nick, Penny Force nil, sunny
Sun 1 Jan Round Gairsay 5nm Ansgar, Duncan, Nick F4-5