Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Sat 31 Dec Hatston Slip to Corn Slip and back ~0.5nm Mary, Peter Fun nighttime paddle in calm conditions, Mary's boat magnificently decorated with twin masts and flashing lights along the riggings
Fri 30 Dec Windwick to 4th barrier 6nm Ansgar, Antje, Jackie, Johnny, Malcolm, Raymond and Kristian from the Dark Side F2-3, a bit of wave movement close to the shore
Sun 18 Dec Sandside to Mull Head and back 4nm Ansgar, Antje, Stuart and Kristian from the Dark Side Sheltered from westerly wind, bit of tide at Mull Head
Sun 20th Nov Evie Sands to Eynhallow,clockwise round and back to Evie. Onto Brough of Gurness then to Tingwall 8.1nm Jackie Ansgar Nick Malcolm F2 South Westerly, bright and cool
Fri 18 Nov Birsay carpark to Standard stack and back 6nm Peter Claire* Sheltered from southerly wind. Swell up to 1m. Surf over causeway
Sun 6 Nov Halley to Kirkwall 12nm Nick Nick, Jackie, Dennies, Peter, Stuart, Antje sunny throughout, SSW wind, good seaconditions with some swell on 1st part
Sun 30 Oct Inganess to Weyland 6.2nm Malcolm Jackie Southerly F3/F4, dry
Sun 16 Oct Scapa pier across bay to dyke end and back via bay 1nm Johnny Jackie Peter Helen* Bright sun but moderate SW'ly creating some bouncy conditions
Sun 2 Oct Sand of Wright to St. Margaretīs Hope 5.5nm Ansgar, Dennis, Jackie, Malcolm F2-3
Sat 1 Oct Tingwall to Rapness, Westray 15.4nm Mary,Nick,Peter Woodward,Duncan,Ansgar Flat calm
Sun 25 Sep Halley to St.Peter`s Bay and back 5nm Antje,Dennis,Ansgar F 5
Mon 19 Sep Kirkwall to Finstown 5.5nm Ansgar,Antje,Dennis,Jackie Calm, arrived in darkness
Sun 18 Sep Dingieshowe to Windwick intended, finished at 3rd barrier 7.6nm Ansgar,Nick,Mary and Chris,Rachel,Tam from Shetland Following wind and sea,surf landing at Bu Sands
Sun 18 Sep Borwick to Skaill 2nm Ansgar,Mary and Chris,Rachel,Tam from Shetland "lighter" winds,big swell
Sat 17 Sep Warbeth to Skaill intended, finished in Borwick 7nm Ansgar,Mary and Chris,Rachel,Tam from Shetland strong offshore wind, forced us to turn around at Row head
Fri 26 Aug Evie sands to Brough of Birsay 9nm Ansgar,Antje,Jackie,Johnny F3,swell,paddling with the tide
Sun 21 Aug Evie sands round Rousay to Rousay Pier 14nm Ansgar,Antje,Kristian,Mary F 3,shooting with the tide round rousay
Fri 19 Aug Windwick from East side cemetery 6nm Peter Desi* Catriona* overcast but not enough swell to prevent going through the passage
Tue 16 Aug Holm to Scapa 7nm Johnny, Antje, Jackie, David, Duncan, Malcolm, Stuart bonny evening
Sun 14 Aug Unst Shetland
West Side (Lunda Wick to Burrafirth) including Muckle Flugga
13nm Peter Mary Ansgar Ben (as part of group led by Tam) variable - 3 rescues around Muckle Flugga/Out Stack
Fri 12 Aug Unst Shetland
Circumnavigation of Balta Island from Baltasound Pier
5nm Peter (as part of group led by Jonathan) Clapotis + on east side
10/11 Aug Figure of Eight Circumnavigation of Muckle Roe and Vementry
camping on Muckle Roe
10 + 6nm Ansgar Ben Peter W
6/7 Aug Paddle Orkney '11
Sat 30 July Newark slipway to Copinsay, around Copinsay, lunch on the Holm and back to Newark 7.4nm Dennis Jackie Clear day with F2/F3 NE wind
Sun 17 July Houton to Stromness to "mingle" with the tall ships 5.5nm Malcolm Peter Jackie and two visitors Slight breeze paddling in after a Tall Ship
Sat 16 July Round Gairsay 5.5nm Ansgar,Antje F 2
Tue 12 Jul Dingeshowe to Holm kirk, round Roseness 5nm Johnny Malcolm, Jackie and Dave "a lot choppier than we thought it would be"
Sun 10 Jul Rerwick from Hall o Tankerness 6.6nm Johnny Duncan Calm
Sun 3 Jul Skaill to Yesnaby Castle and back to Skaill 6.6nm Johnny Duncan Dennis Jackie Bit of swell and chop on way out but got into caves at Yesnaby
Fri 1 Jul Brig o`Waithe to Merkister Hotel 5nm Ansgar,Dennis,Jackie F 3-4
Tue 28 Jun Craigiefield to Inganess 5.4nm Johnny Lesley Jackie Malcolm Colin P F3 Westerly
Sun 26 Jun Bay of Skaill to Hole of Roe. Very choppy at point turned back and played in surf. 3.5nm Johnny Lesley Dennis Jackie (New Boat) Quite breezy but bright
Tue 21 Jun Sand 'o Wright to Sandwick and back 7.2nm Johnny Duncan, Moodie, Malcolm and Fiona* Calm
Sun 12 Jun Stromness to Rackwick, shuttle to Lyness, Lyness to Houton 16.1nm Ansgar,Dennis,Duncan,Jackie,Nick,Malcolm,Raymond,Stuart No wind, tide in Hoy sound and Graemsay sound
Sun 5 Jun Windwick to Sandwick 8nm Ansgar,Antje,Dennis,Duncan,Jackie,Kristian,Nick,Peter,Stuart light wind
Sat 4 Jun Around Copinsay from Newark 7.4nm Peter Malcolm, Moodie gentle NW. Flat calm round far side of Copinsay
Tue 31 May Kirkhouse to Windwick and back 5.3nm Johnny Peter Moodie Duncan Jenni Jackie Mary Breezy
Sun 22 May St.Mary`s to Scapa 5nm Ansgar,Johnny,Malcolm 20kn+ wind,heavy following quarterly sea, challenging
Sun 15 May Skirza to Duncansby Stacks and back 6nm Ansgar,Duncan,Jackie,Peter,Peter W,Stuart Sheltered from westerly winds, no swell
Sat 14 May Lybster to Wick wih stop at Whaligoe steps 14nm Ansgar,Duncan,Jackie,James(Inverness),Nick,Peter,Peter W.,Stuart Mostly sheltered from strong westerly winds,no sea state,strong headwind in Wick harbour
Tue 10 May Brough of Birsay to Whitaloo Point and back going around the Brough 4.3nm Mary Jackie Johnny Duncan Jenni Stuart Peter Malcolm Light winds and small swell bit more chop as rounded Brough
Sun 8 May Inganess to Ynstay and back 4.5nm Ansgar,Jackie,Malcolm,maybe more F2
Tue 3 May Brough of Birsay to beach at Marwick 3.5nm Mary Leslie Duncan Jackie Peter Jenni Flat calm beautiful evening with fantastic sunset
Mon 2 May Evie sands to Brough of Birsay 8.8nm Peter Johnny Jackie Nick Windy, unable to land until almost at Brough
Sun 1 May Scapa to pier at Swanbister with a stop at Waulkmill 5.8nm Jackie Jonny Dennis Breezy with a bit of chop
Tue 12 Apr Scapa to Hemp Stack. First official paddle of the season 2nm Ansgar,Duncan,Jenni,Johnny,Mary,Peter,Raymond Bit choppy
Sun 10 April Sandside in Deerness to Halley 5.6nm Jonny Jackie Stuart Malcolm Bright & sunny wind F2
Sun 3 April Finstown to Kirkwall 5.5nm Dennis Jackie Wind F3 bright
Sun 27 Mar Round Burray, with Johnny mysteriously trying to avoid 4th barrier!!! 8.5nm Ansgar,Jackie,Johnny,Malcolm,Mary F3-4
Sun 6 Mar Heatherhouse Rerwick 4nm Ansgar,Jackie,Johnny,Malcolm,Mary F2
Sat 12 Mar East side cemetery to Ham Geo, S Ronaldsay 9nm Johnny Peter Mary Malcolm Cool but sunny
No significant wind but swell stopped us getting in/through most of the caves
Sun 6 Feb Inganess to just south of Heatherhouse (and back) 8nm Johnny Peter, Malcolm, Ansgar, Dennis 18 gusting 25 knots SE gave us a help on way out and a workout on way back. overcast
Sun 29 Jan Craigiefield to Shapinsay village and back 5.6nm Johnny Jackie, Peter, Nick easterly neap tide, calm
Thu 27 Jan From Holm kirk around Roseness to "Y" passage, exploring the Roseness gloup along the way 5nm Johnny Malcolm, Stuart, Moodie, Jackie calm and bright sun
Tue 4 Jan Inganess to Craigiefield 6nm Johnny Peter, Jackie, Stuart calm