Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Sun 21st Nov Skaill to Yesnaby and back 6.5nm Antje Ansgar Ben Jackie Malcolm Tobi (Visitor) South Easterly F2/F3. Bit of swell but most caves manageable
sun 07 nov Pool of Cletts to Windwick and back 0nm Dennis, Malcolm, Mary, Ansgar Windy, "interesting" conditions
14.11.2010 figure of 8 around finstown islands, then up the burn a bit 0nm antje, cathy, ansgar pretty calm
Sun 31 Oct Tingwall pier to Finstown slipway 7.6nm Ansgar, Jackie, Malcolm Bright with sunny intervals. Force 5 gusting Force 7 WNW
Sun 19 Sep Ferry from Kirkwall to Stronsay. Launched at Whitehall down east coast to Vat of Kirbister and back north going round Papa Stronsay then back to Whitehall and ferry back to Kirkwall 11.4nm Ansgar Antje Cathy Jackie Johnny Nick with Peter and Kristian from KKC F1/F2 gentle breeze. Sunny but turning cloudy later
Sat 28 Aug Holm West Kirk to Newark Slipway, Deerness 6.4nm Ansgar Antje Cathy Dennis Jackie Johnny Malcolm About F4 North Westerly. Bright sunny day
Sun 22 Aug St Peter's church South Ronaldsay to Ham Geo and back 9.3nm Ansgar Dennis Jackie Johnny Lesley Malcolm Nick Steve (Visitor) Sunny with F3/F4 Northerly but sheltered under cliffs
Tues 17 Aug Sands of Evie to Haafs Hellia 3.5nm Dennies, Malcolm, Ansgar, Antje westerly wind and bump sea
Sun 15 Aug Sands of Evie to Brough of Birsay 10.1nm Angus Ben Jackie Johnny Wind SSE about F1/F2. Cloudy but ending in sunshine
Tue 10 Aug Sandwick Bay in South Ronaldsay to Sands o' Wright 3.8nm Ansgar Antje Anne Dennis Cathy Jackie Johnny Malcolm Nice clear evening with a gentle SE wind
Sun 8 Aug Houton to Lyness via Cava, Rysa Little. Tea and cake at cafe then back to Houton 11.3nm Johnny Ansgar Malcolm Jackie Philip (visitor) Alison (visitor) Light southerly breeze rising slightly on return trip
Sun 3 Aug Inganess to Bay of Meil 3.5nm Johnny Ansgar, Malcom, Antje and Aaron very calm, bit misty
Tue 27 Jul East Holm Kirk to Roseness and on to Newark slipway Deerness 5.9nm Johnny Ansgar Antje Malcolm Lesley Jackie Steve (visitor) Nice sunny evening with a gentle southerly breeze
Sat 24 Jul Tingwall to Rousay via pier and north to Saviskaill. Overnight camp at Saviskaill and paddled northwards and then back to pier 14nm Nick Antje Ansgar Dennis Jackie Cathy Suuny, light winds F2/F3 Westerly
Tue 20 Jul Sandside to Mullhead via Gloup 2.6nm Johnny Cathy, Ansgar, Lesley, Nick, Antje and Steve calm with slight westerly wind
Sun 18 Jul Burray pier to third barrier via north side of Hunda 5.5nm Johnny Jackie Dennis Ansgar Cathy Light winds until Cairn Head when wind rose sharply and big sea back to third barrier
Tue 13 Jul Skaill to Yesnaby and back 6nm Jackie Cathy Ben Antje Ansgar SE with very small swell. Sunny intervals
Tue 29 Jun 1st to 3rd Barrier down West side back East side 5nm Malcolm, Ben Bit of chop on westside heading out, flat calm on east side return
Tue 15 Jun Gloup and Brough of Deerness from Sandside 4nm Peter Malcolm Light southerly.
Reasonably calm although a few patches with a bit of chop
Sun 13 Jun Craigiefield to Balfour Village, Shapinsay and back 6nm Dennis, Nick, Jackie Light North Easterly, cloudy
Sun 6 Jun Skaill to Stromness 10nm Peter Jackie, Dave, Anje, Malcolm and Ben Gentle NE. Overcast
Sea state 3 (with swell stopping many of the caves)
Sat 5 Jun Houton to Ness Slip 5.6nm Peter Antje, Ben, Cathy Sun and mist
Tue 1 Jun Roseness from Holm Cemetery. Back towards Graemeshall then rockhopping back to cemetery. 4.3nm Peter Antje, Ben, Malc Windy earlier in day leaving a significant 3-4' SE swell at Roseness
Tue 25 May Scapa Pier to near Roo Point 5nm Peter Antje, Malcolm, Anne, Cathy, David McLeod* NW 4-5 overcast
Sea state 1-2
Tue 18 May Head of Holland from Inganess 4nm Nick Malc,Ben,Cathy,Anne foggy
Sun 16 May Gloup from Halley 8nm Mary Cathy Ben NW
Sat 15 May Taing of the Clett to Hall of Tankerness via Rerwick Head 8nm Peter Malcolm, Ben SSW 5-6 Sunny
Tue 11 May Finstown figure of eight 5nm Peter Jackie, Ansgar, Malcolm Sunny and calm (after heavy wintry showers earlier in day!)
Sun 9 May Sandside to Dingieshowe 5.5nm Peter, Mary Ansgar, Antje, Malcolm, Ben NNW 6 gusting 7 (measured 26- 31kt)
mostly protected but quite hard work coming in to Newark
Nice rock-hopping from Newark to Dingieshowe
Tue 4 May 1st to 3rd barrier down west side back east side 5nm Peter Ansgar, Malcolm, Ben, Annie, David MacLeod* Calm but a bit misty
Sun 2 May Dingieshowe to Holm Cemetery via Roseness and all the caves 6nm Peter Angus, Ben Sunny NNE 3
Sat 1 May Scapa to Houton 9nm Nick Peter, Malc, Ben Overcast Northerly 15 -20 kts
Tue 27 April Shapinsay slip to Thieves'Holm taking a look at the Statsraad Lehmkuhl on route 5nm Peter Lesley, Mary, Antje, Malcolm, Ben, Eileen, Jackie and Ansgar 15-20mph SE overcast
Brisk (northerly) tidal stream in Thieves Holm sound
Sun 25 April Brig o' Waithe from Ness slip 6.8nm Peter, Nick, Mary, Lesley, Ben, Ansgar and Jackie SE 4 cool and overcast
Fri 23 Apr Scapa Pier to Holm slipway (and back by bus) 7nm Peter NE 2 sunny and calm
Sun 11 Apr Brough of Birsay to Bay of Skaill with stop at Marwick Bay 6.2nm Johnny Jackie Ansgar Cathy F1 South Easterly. Good swell
Sun 4 Apr Houton to Scapa Pier with stop at Waulkmill 8.1nm Johnny Jackie Ansgar Cathy F3 North Westerley
Sun 21 Mar Newark Slip to Halley 8.4nm Peter, Johnny Mary, Ansgar, Cathy, Jackie Calm but a few interesting spots of swell by Brough of Deerness and Mull Head
Sun 7 Mar Inganess to Hall of Tankerness exploring the caves at Rerwick 9nm Ansgar Jackie Mary Dennis Peter with KKC members
PeterW* Neil* and Kate*
7deg C! little wind and just enough swell to add a touch of interest
Wed 3 Mar Finstown to Tingwall 8nm Peter & Jackie bright cool with 10-15 NE
Sun 21 Feb Hoxa Head jetty to Sandwick 4nm Johnny, Peter, Ansgar, Mary, Nick Sunny and flat calm
Sat 20 Feb Windwick from East Side S Ronaldsay 6nm Johnny, Peter Ansgar, Jackie, Malcolm Sunny, little wind but 4 foot swell in parts
Sun 7th Feb St Mary's to Scapa Pier 7nm Johnny Jackie Dennis Mary Malcolm and Peter W (KKC) F3 South Easterly falling to nothing on arrival at Scapa
Tue 2 Feb Hemp Stack and waterfall from Scapa pier 2.5nm Peter Calm on way out
Northerly wintry squall on way back
Sat 23 Jan past Covenanters Memorial from Halley with a play in the surf on return trip 4.6nm Johnny Peter, Jackie, Lesley, Cathy, Antje + John & Neil (KKC) Overcast. Big SE swell from winds previous day
Sat 9 Jan Bu Sands from Italian Chapel 6nm Johnny Mary, Peter, Ansgar, Cathy, PeterW* and Claire* (KKC) Overcast. SE 4 making bits of return trip quite lively
Sun 3 Jan Scapa Pier to Deepdale and back again 5nm Jackie Lesley Mary Gentle F2/F3 Breeze
Sat 2 Jan Tingwall to Egilsay via Wyre
returning on the South side of Wyre
12.2nm Ansgar Nick Mary Peter A bit of wind and a few waves initially but then settled to flat seas. Sun and a few snow showers