Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Thu 31 Dec Across Scapa Bay and back 1nm Johnny, Peter, Mary, Antje 6pm Glowsticks and torches.
Full Moon. Mostly calm but one Northerly squall passed through
Mon 28 Dec Houton to Lyness (one way) 6nm Ansgar Nick Calm
Sat 26 Dec Swannies Point (Burray) from 1st Barrier (and back) 6nm Peter Johnny and Ansgar Calm. Overcast with bright intervals
Sun 20 Dec Hatston Slip to Finstown (to the Waterside for a feed!) 5nm Mary, Ansgar and Peter W (KKC) Snowy! F3-5 SE. Roads treacherous!
Sun 13 Dec Hemp Stack from Scapa 2.5nm Peter calm and bright
Sat 12 Dec The Gloup and Brough of Deerness from Sandside.
(First time out in Orkney for a month)
4nm Mary, Peter sunny, SE with a bit of chop
Sun 8 Nov Sandwick Bay in South Ronaldsay to St Margaret's hope via Hoxa Head 8nm Angus, Ansgar, Antje, Graeme, Jackie, Mary, Peter F1/F2 Northwest. Sunny
Sat 7 Nov Scapa Pier to Royal Oak Marker Buoy, then on to St Mary's slipway 7.5nm Dave B, Ansgar, Dennis, Antje, Jackie Clear blue skies with flat calm sea
Sat 7 Nov Houton to Lyness. Down west side of Cava and Fara,across to Lyness for bacon butties, back up east side of Fara and Cava, ferry avoidance off Houton 12.4nm Mary, Peter Cathy Mill pond flat, sunny, warm and almost NO wind!
Sat 17 Oct Craigiefield to head of Work, across to Helliar Holm then on to Balfour, cake, and back to Craigiefield 7nm Mary, Jackie, Angstar, Dennis, Peter, Kate and Johnny Gentle Breeze, wind rising slightly on return
Sun 20 Sep Bigore Head from East Side Cemetery, S Ronaldsay 2nm Peter Antje, Maggie SSW 5
Fri 18 Sep circumnavigation of Damsay 3nm Johnny, Peter, Antje Alma*, Alison*, Puili* Mirror calm
Tue 15 Sep Finstown Figure of Eight 4nm Jackie Peter Johnny Antje Calm
Sun 13 Sep Deepdale, Hoy from Houton via Cava 8nm Johnny Nick, Jackie, Cathy Calm
Sun 30 Aug Windwick from East Side 5nm Johnny, Peter Jackie, Cathy W4 Sunny
Tue 25 Aug Mull Head from Halley 5nm Johnny Ansgar, Jackie, Peter, Nick, Mary SSW 4 sunny.
(Sheltered along that coast)
Sun 23 Aug From Finstown slip towards Damsay 1.8nm Peter, Nick, Ansgar, DaveM and Cathy E gusting to 28knots
Tried battling against the wind before giving up
Sat 22 Aug East Side, S Ronaldsay to 3rd barrier 8nm Johnny, Peter, Jackie SW 3
Porpoises off Burray Ness
Sun 16 Aug Paddle Orkney 09
Lambs Holm to Newark
7.5nm Johnny Graeme, Peter, Helen, Sean and the NI four SW 5 Swift ride across to Roseness with following sea
Sat 15 Aug Paddle Orkney 09
Newark to Halley
8nm Various Leaders 3 groups SW
Thu 13 Aug Windwick Bay to Newark Bay, South Ronaldsay 4.5nm Jackie, Dave B, Ansgar F1/F2 Westerly, gentle swell.
Sun 2 Aug Hall of Tankerness to Rerwick Head 6nm Mary Jackie, Ansgar, Dave M Westerly F5 to 6, sometimes stronger
Tue 21 Jul Cava from Houton, out towards Barrel o'Butter on return 4nm Johnny Jackie, Nick, Angus, Antje, Peter SE 4/5 some big waves, overcast
Sun 19 Jul Sandyside beach to Halley via Gloup Mull Head.
[Thanks to Sandra for lift back to Sandyside]
5nm Johnny Antje, Peter, Jackie, Nick, DaveB SE 3, Sunny
Tue 14 Jul Sandside to the Gloup, onward to cave at the Brough and then on to Mull Head returning to Sandside 4.5nm Johnny Jackie Mary Angus Ansgar James* NE F2 with a good steady swell
Sun 12 July Scapa to Houton, with a stop for birthday (Mary) cake at Waulkmill 8nm Johnny Jackie Ansgar DaveM Mary James* Easterly F4 with a tricky quarter beam sea
Sat 11 July Scapa to Holm Pier, escorting Spirit Dancer to Holm mini Regatta 6nm Johnny Mary Jackie Northerly F2/3
Wed 1st July Houton to Hoy (Chalmer's Hope) and back to Houton 5nm Johnny Dennis Jackie Glassy Calm - Tee Shirt Weather!
Tue 30 June St Mary's Village to Scapa 6nm Johnny Mary Jackie Ansgar Lesley Les Light South Easterly
Sun 28 June Holm Pier to Swannie's Point, Burray and back again 6nm Johnny Kye Jackie NE3 Slight Chop
Sun 5 Jul Bay of Skaill to Warbeth Beach, stopping and investigating countless huge caves plus BBQ at Billia Croo 9nm Angus Ansgar Antje DaveM Jackie Johnny F2/3 Sunny and Hot!
Sun 21 Jun Windwick to 4th barrier, stop at Kirkhouse in Newark Bay for lunch, rescue practice at Grimness. 7nm Lesley, Johnny Mary, DaveB, Angus, Bill* S F2/3 sunny
Tue 16 Jun 1st to 3rd barrier down west side, back east side of Glimps Holm wst side of Lambs Holm 3.5nm Mary, DaveB, Peter, Romain and Ansgar SE5 quite choppy on east side
Sat 13 Jun Yesnaby from Skaill 6nm Johnny, Peter, DaveM, Connie*, Angus and Dennis Overcast NE4
Tue 9 Jun Roseness and Holm Gloup from Lambs Holm 6nm Johnny Peter, Mary, DaveM, Ansgar, Romain NE2
Mon 8 Jun Scapa almost to Waulkmill (2* Training) 6nm Douglas with Lesley and Mary. Angus, Marcia, Antje, Frank, DaveM, Donna, Ansgar, Romain
(also joined by Peter)
Sun 7 Jun 4th Barrier to Sandwick Bay 7.8nm Johnny, Mary, Peter, DaveB, DaveM, Jenni, Angus, Ansgar Sunny NE3
Sat 6 Jun Hemp Stack from Scapa pier 2.5nm Peter NE3 Sunny evening
Tue 2 Jun Round Lambs Holm and Glimps Holm from 1st Barrier 4.6nm Peter Angus, Antje, Dennis, Jackie, Ansgar, Chris* NNW 4
Rather choppy on west side of Glimps Holm
Mon 1 Jun 1/2 Star Training at Scapa
with rescue practice
0nm Douglas (Johnny, Lesley, Peter) Angus, Antje, Kate, Romain, Ansgar, Frank, Marcia calm but cool
Sun 31 May Shortie Geo from Sandwick Bay (S Ron)
to beyond The Altar (with Murka Hole)
4.3nm DaveB Johnny, Peter, Lesley, Dennis, Jackie, Mary, Nick, Ansgar, Antje Sunny with light Easterly
Fri 29 May Finstown Slip to Renbister Holm causeway then back to brig where we played with the out going tide 1.5nm Johnny Peter, Antje, Dennis SSE 22 gusting 28 knots. Sunny
Tue 26 May Scapa Pier to Hestigeo with rescue practice back at Scapa 4nm Johnny Peter, DaveB, Nick, DaveM, Kye, Romain, Jackie, Ansgar, Suzi, Kayleigh* SW F5 sunny
Sun 24 May Mull Head from Halley 5nm DaveB & Peter DaveM, Ansgar mostly sunny
20mph SSW (but relatively sheltered under the cliffs)
Tue 19 May Yinstay from Inganess
(with some roll practice at end by Nick, DaveB and Kye)
5nm Peter, Nick, DaveB, Jackie, Jenni, Kye, Catherine* Sunny and calm with light SE
Tue 12 May First Barrier to Glims Holm.
Tea break on Glims Holm and rescue and rolling practice at 1st barrier.
2.5nm Lesley, Mary Angus, Romain, Tim SE F2 - 3, sunny and sheltered behind barriers
Mon 11 May 1 and 2 star training at Scapa 1nm Douglas, Mary and Lesley Antje, Angus, SBS Dave, Frank, Marcia, Donna SW F3-4
Sun 10 May Gairsay and Boray Holm 4nm Mary Jackie NNW F4, decreasing F2-3 later. Spring tide.
Sun 10 May Lochend (Shapinsay) to Galt Ness (trip curtailed by capsize at Galt Ness eventually necessitating Mayday call and rescue by fishing boats/RNLI) 2nm Peter Angus DaveM, Antje, Romain Brisk NW
Sat 9 May Craigiefield to Lochend on North coast Shapinsay 13nm Peter Angus DaveM Romain Antje W 20mph sunny. Spring tides
Mon 4 May 1 and 2 star training at Walliwall 0nm Douglas and Mary Frank, Marcia, Romain, SBS Dave, Ansgar, Kate, Angus, Donna W F7 but sheltered in the quarry
Mon 4 May Point of Ayre from Sandside.
Gloup after lunch
4.3nm Peter, Mary Lesley, DaveM, Ansgar, Romain S veering SW gusting up to 30kn at times (F7)
Sun 3 May Windwick Bay towards Newark Bay 4nm Mary and Nick Dave M, Ansgar and Dan W F5 SW, no swell, sunny woo!
Sat 2 May Scapa - practising in wind and waves and rolling 0nm Mary and Lesley F5 gusting F7
Tues 28 Apr The Gloup from Sandside 2nm Mary Peter, Nick, Angus, Romain, Antje, Dennis, Jackie, SBS Dave, Ansgar F3 - 4 on shore. A bit of swell to spice things up!
Sun 26 Apr Mull Head from Halley beach 5nm Peter Lesley, Mary, Dennis, Jackie, Angus, Ansgar, DaveM, Antje, Donna, John Mowat(KKC) S 3-4 Overcast with a shower
Sat 25 Apr 1 and 2 star training at Scapa

0nm Douglas and Mary Kate, Angus, Frank, Antje, Marcia, Donna, Ansgar Sunny F2-3. Flat sea.
Sat 25 Apr Hemp Stack from Scapa beach crossing bay on return.
Maiden trip of Nick's Romany S
3nm Nick and Peter calm and sunny
Fri 24 Apr Scapa Pier to Hemp Stack and back followed by a play along the beach 2.5nm Jackie Dennis F4/5 fresh south easterly
Tue 21 Apr Notster from Dingieshowe 3nm Mary, Angus Peter and Ansgar sunny W4-5
Mon 20 Apr 1 and 2 star training at Scapa Bay -nm Frank, Marcia, Romain, Antje, Angus, DaveH, Kate, Ansgar with Douglas and Mary Sunny woo. Flat sea.
Sun 19 Apr Bag the Bruck along Stromness coastline followed by quick dash across the tide to Graemsay 3nm Peter, Nick, Angus, Mary, Jenni, Ansgar, Dennis, Jackie Brilliant sun and flat calm. Manageable (neap) tidal stream
Sat 18 Apr Circumnavigation of Eynhallow from Evie Sands 5nm Peter, DaveB, Lesley, Mary, Jackie, Ansgar, Antje, Romain NE 2-3
Thu 16 Apr Lone Geo beyond Hemp Stack from Scapa pier 4nm Peter Christine* NE 5
Mon 13 Apr 1st Barrier to 3rd Barrier and back 4nm Ansgar and Mary Overcast :( F4 - 5
Tues 14 Apr Scapa Bay.
From the pier straight across, turned right, past the distillery, along the beach and back to the pier.
1nm Tim, Pete, Suzie, Romain, Ansgar, Mary and Lesley F4, misty and drizzly
Mon 13 Apr St Mary's Pier to Scapa 6nm Peter, Romain, Angus, DaveM and Connie Sunny with 15mph SSE
Sat 12 Apr Playing in the waves and roll practise at Scapa 0nm Mary and Lesley SSW F6-7
Sun 12 Apr Inganess to Craigiefield 6nm Mary, Ansgar, Nick, Angus, Lesley WSW F2-3 clear and sunny with cloudy patches
Fri 3 Apr 4 Star Training with Gordon Brown at Roseness -nm Lesley, Mary, DaveB, Douglas, Peter and Kristian (KKC) Big waves
Thu 2 Apr 4 Star Tidal Planning and Training with Gordon Brown
by Broch of Gurness
-nm Mary, Lesley, DaveB, Peter, Douglas, Kristian (KKC) SW2-3 Sunny
Wed 1 Apr 4 Star Tidal Planning and Training with Gordon Brown
-nm Mary, Lesley, DaveB, Peter, Douglas, Kristian (KKC) SW2
Tue 31 Mar 3 Star Assessment with Gordon Brown
-nm Mary, Lesley, Dennis, DaveB, Peter SW7
Mon 30 Mar 3 Star training with Gordon Brown
-nm Mary, Lesley, Dennis, DaveB, Peter SW5
Sat 28 Mar Roseness from Graemeshall 4.5nm Johnny, Peter, DaveB, Dennis and Jackie Brisk NW (20kts) Sunny but cold
Sat 21 Mar 3* Training Session Scapa Bay 0nm Richard, Douglas, Johnny, Plumber Dave, SAS Dave, Lesley, Mary Sunny but windy. Force 5, gusting 6 at times. Choppier towards end of session
Tue 17 Mar Inganess to Yinstay and back 4nm Peter and Elspeth SSE 2
Sun 15 Mar Scapa pier to Roo point and back 5nm Johnny, Jackie, Dennis, Antje and Peter SW3 but still a bit of swell left to make trip more interesting
Sat 14 Mar 3* Training at Scapa -nm Douglas, Johnny, Dave B, Dave M, Lesley, Dennis, Jackie, Peter W 5
Sat 14 Mar Pier at St Mary's to Scapa pier 6nm Peter, Nick, Dave M, Ansgar SW 4 Choppy in parts
Very high tide
Tue 10 Mar Scapa pier along west side of Scapa to beyond point beyond Hestigeo 3nm Peter Sunny NW 15mph
Tue 3 Mar Inganess to north end of Berstane Bay 3nm Peter Brisk SE ~20kn
Sun 28 Feb Finstown Slip to mouth of Ouse 2nm Mary, Jackie, Jenni SE 20kn
Sat 28 Feb Carness to Inganess via SFPA "Hirta" 4nm Johnny, Angus, Mary, Dennis, Jackie, DaveM little wind but overcast with showers
Sun 22 Feb Towards Waulkmill from Scapa 4nm Johnny, Angus WNW 5
Sat 14 Feb Almost to Waulkmill from Scapa 6nm Lesley, Johnny, Jackie & Dennis
Maiden voyage for Alaw Bach
light SSW
Tue 10 Feb Almost to Waulkmill from Scapa Pier 6nm Peter sunny with NO wind
Sun 8 Feb Quanterness Skerry from Hatston Slip 5nm Peter, Johnny, Jackie, Angus, DaveB sunny with light westerly
Fri 6 Feb Hemp stack from Scapa 2.5nm Peter brisk NNW with wintry squalls!
Sat 24 Jan Swanbister to HMS Ark Royal (anchored NE of Flotta) and back via "Samco America" 8.8nm Peter, Jackie, Johnny, Dave B SSW 14mph
Sat 24 Jan Houton to Stromness 5.5nm Peter, Jackie, Johnny, Dave B, Dave M and Nick SSW 4
Tue 20 Jan Hemp stack from Scapa 2.5nm Peter SE
Tue 13 Jan Hestigeo from Scapa pier 3nm Peter calm
Tue 6 Jan Hemp stack from Scapa 2.5nm Peter Brisk N'ly overcast
Sun 4 Jan 1st Barrier to Roseness and back 5nm Dennis, Peter Jackie and Mary Low winter sun ENE (10mph)
Sat 3 Jan Stromness to Brig o Waithe and back 4.5nm Dennis, Peter and Maureen Overcast with brisk WNW (17mph)
Fri 2 Jan 1st to 3rd Barrier, down west, back east side 4.5nm Johnny, Dennis, Jackie, Peter,
Christine* and Ben*
Glassy calm with beautiful sunset to finish