Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

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Wed 31 Dec Scapa after dark Peter Johnny and Dennis Dark but flat calm!
Wed 31 Dec Scapa Lesley with Paul and Stuart Linklater Calm and bright
Sun 28 Dec Scapa Both Peter and Douglas (separately) Next to no wind. Sunny but cool
Sat 27 Dec Swanbister to Scapa Jackie and Dennis surprisingly choppy swell until Hellia point
Fri 26 Dec Windwick - South then north Johnny and Peter Not much wind but 2m swell in parts
Sun 14 Dec Xmas Fun Pool Session    
Sat 6 Dec 4th barrier around Grimness and back exploring the wreck of the "Irene" Peter, Mary, Angus, Jackie & Dave Gentle Westerly. 1m swell. Overcast with some rain
Fri 5 Dec Xmas Nite Oot at the Kirkwall Hotel   Gradually becoming wetter as evening progressed!
Sat 29 Nov Craigiefield to Shapinsay Village and back around Helliar Holm Peter, Mary, Angus, Jackie & Dennis Icy cold but sunny and very gentle NNW
Sun 16 Nov East side of Scapa Johnny, Nick, Peter, Nini Klausen* Calm. Sunny. gentle NNW
Sun 2 Nov Dingieshowe to Graemeshall Dave B, David M, Jackie, Lesley and Johnny Calm. gentle southerly
Sat 25 Oct Paddle08 Perth attended by Peter, Jackie, Dennis and Dave B
(cancelled ferries led to Jenni, Nick, Mary, Angus missing the show)
Tue 14 Oct Graemeshall to Burray Ha and back Peter, Johnny and Lesley Intitially brisk westerly dying away to leave calm seas
Sun 12 Oct Open Canoeing Training and Assessment at Walliwall Peter, Nick, Mary, Jenni, Lesley, Dave B, Angus
led by Richard and Ron
Sun 5 Oct Scapa to Waulkmill and back Peter, Johnny, Dave M, John Mowatt (KKC) NW 3
Sun 28 Sep Star assessment Walliwall Peter, Jenni, Nick, Mary, Jackie, Lesley, Dennis, Dave
Sat 27 Sep Star training Walliwall Peter, Jenni, Jackie, Lesley, Dennis, Mary, Dave
Fri 26 Sep Star training Walliwall Peter, Jenni, Nick, Lesley, Dennis, Mary
Sun 21 Sep Caves on East side Rerwick Head from Heatherhouse Peter & Jackie with KKC (John Adam and David) SSW turning NW
Sat 20 Sep Canadian Open Canoe session at Walliwall Peter Jenni Mary and Nick instructed by Richard
Tue 16 Sep Scapa to Waulkmill (and back in the dark) Kate Lesley Mary David Dave Angus Peter Johnny Calm
Sun 14 Sep Halley to Mull Head and back Johnny Dave Peter Lesley Jenni ESE 4
Still quite a bit of swell from SE
Tue 9 Sep East side of Scapa, 3 miles and back Johnny Dave David Jackie ESE 5
  Star training at Scapa Douglas Lesley Peter
Mon 8 Sep Scapa to just short of Roo Point and back Peter Elspeth calm
Sun 7 Sep East side of Scapa to Bay of Sandoyne and back Lesley Peter Johnny Angus Dan Richard and Robert Walker Gentle NE calm
Tue 2 Sep Star training at Scapa Douglas Lesley Dennis Mary Nick Jackie Jenni Peter calm
  Scapa Johnny Erica David Will  
  The Gloup Peter, Christine* Ben* SE2 but quite a bit of swell
Sun 31 Aug Finstown Figure of Eight
(around Renbister Holm and Damsay)
Peter, Mary, Dennis, Angus, Will, Mark*, Dan*
Dave & Jules Phillips* (SCC)
mirror calm, overcast
Sat 30 Aug Inganess to Craigiefield Peter, Nick, Mary, Dennis, Angus, Ben*, Christine*
Dave & Jules Phillips* (SCC)
Johnny Mowatt Peter Woodward (KKC)
Bright and Sunny. S2-3
Sat 30 Aug Coastguard talk and flare demonstration    
Sat 30 Aug Triathlon water marshalling at Scapa Douglas Nick Lesley Dennis Mary Peter Dave Thomas Angus David H S 3-4
Fri 29 Aug Star training at Scapa Douglas Lesley Dennis Mary  
Tue 26 Aug Star training at Scapa Douglas Jenni Lesley Nick Angus Dave Peter Jackie Dennis David calm
Sun 24 Aug Star training at Scapa Douglas Jenni Lesley Nick Angus calm and sunny
Fri 22 Aug Star training at Scapa Douglas Mary Lesley Dennis Jackie  
Tue 19 Aug Open Canoeing at Walliwall Richard: Nick and Jenni, Peter and John, Lesley and Mary, Dennis and Jackie, Dave and Douglas  
  Scapa to Hemp stack and back Peter Elspeth and Christine*  
Sun 17 Aug round the Head of Hoxa from Sand of Wright to Dam of Hoxa Dennis, Angus, John and Mary SE 5-6
Thu 14 Aug RNLI exercise at Head of Holland Peter Kye John Lesley Erica Kate Jenni Dave Jackie Mary
and "Jeck"
Tue 12 Aug Gloup Peter and Karl* SE
  Star training Douglas, Jackie, Dennis, Lesley, Dave, Nick, Jenni, Johnny, Mary  
Mon 11 Aug 4th barrier round Grimmness to Windwick Tam*, Phil*, Laura*, Mike*, Kye, Mary  
Sun 10 Aug Shetland visit: Birsay to Tingwall. BBQ at Johnny's Mike*, Tam*, Phil*, Laura*, Mary, Bonner*, Rachel*, Nick, Peter, Maureen, Dave, Angus, John, Jackie  
Sat 9 Aug Shetland visit: Halley to Inganess. BBQ at Mary's Tam*, Rachel*, Laura*, Mike*, Bonner*, Phil*, Angus, Peter and Mary SE 5 - 7
Tue 5 Aug Scapa training Johnny Peter Nick Dave Mary Jackie Kye  
Sun 3 Aug Brough of Gurness to Birsay Mary Angus and John NW swell!
  Birsay Maureen and Peter  
Tue 29 Jul Scapa training Douglas, Dennis, Jackie, Angus, John, Erica, Jenni, Lesley, Dave, MAry SE increasing
Sun 27 Jul Heatherhouse to The Ness Johnny, Dennis, Jackie, Lesley, Dave, Mary, Emma* and Hugh*  
Sat 26 Jul Yesnaby Jackie Angus and Johnny  
Wed 23 Jul Waulkmill to Scapa Jenni Mary Johnny  
Tue 22 Jul Scapa Johnny, Kye, Jackie, Donna, John, Angus, Mary  
Mon 21 Jul Thievesholm Jenni Mary Nick Johnny  
Tue 15 Jul Big waves at Scapa Johnny, Peter Dave Jenni Angus John Mary SE 7-8
Sun 13 Jul Gloup Kye Johnny Jackie Adrian* Fiona*  
Fri 11 Jul -
Mon 14 Jul
Unst Shetland Dave Peter Mary Nick  
Wed 9 Jul 1st barrier to Dingieshowe Johnny Fiona* and Adrian* quite choppy after Roseness
  1st barrier to Roseness and back Peter, Rachael  
Tue 8 Jul Waulkmill from Scapa and back Peter Dave Matt Fiona* and Adrian*  
Sat 5 Jul Yesnaby Ian, Nick, Peter and Johnny calm and sunny
Fri 4 Jul - Shetland Symposium Mary  
Thu 3 Jul Star training - Eskimo kiss Douglas Lesley Johnny Nick Jackie  
Tue 1 Jul Scapa to the bay of Sandoyne Mary, Dennis, Angus and Johnny choppy waves
Sun 29 Jun Grimm Ness Kye Johnny Mary, Jackie Donna ...  
Tue 24 Jun Star skills with Douglas Nick, Mary, Jackie, Dennis and Ian  
  Roll practice Kye & Lesley  
  Waulkmill and back Peter, Dave, Matt, Steve* and Vanessa* quite choppy
Sat 21 Jun Carness to Inganess Peter Elspeth Ian and Jackie  
Tue 17 Jun Hemp Stack from Scapa Jenni, Matt, Erika, Angus and Peter SE 4-5
  Star training with Douglas Douglas, Jackie, Dennis, Mary, Lesley and Nick  
Sun 15 Jun Round of Burray porting over Hunda barrier
(one lost banana)
Johnny Peter Mary Lesley Jackie W5
Tue 10 Jun Scapa Johnny Peter Angus Matt John Mary ... initially windy
Sat 7 Jun Dingieshowe to 1st barrier Peter, Elspeth, Ian, Angus and Johnny  
Tue 3 Jun Waulkmill from scapa pier and back Peter, Johnny, Angus, Dennis Jackie, Nick and Mary  
Thu 5 Jun Mull Head from Mill Sands (return in the fog) Johnny, Peter, Nick, Mary, Matt, Jackie, Maureen Halcrow and John Suttie calm
Sun 1 Jun Shapinsay from Craigiefield Peter Johnny Kye Angus Jackie & Lesley  
Sat 31 May 1st to 3rd barrier - out west, back east Peter and Ian  
Fri 30 May Gloup, Brough 'o Deerness Johnny Kye Glen* & Julie*  
Thu 29 May Talk by Glenn Morris, leader of the Arctic Voice    
Tue 27 May Houton toward Brig 'o Waithe and back Johnny, Peter, Mary, Dennis, Jackie, Dave, Matt and Angus  
  Roseness Peter & Elspeth  
Sun 25 May Yinstay Head/Skerry from Inganess and back Dennis, Matt and Mary NE
Tue 20 May 1st barrier down west side to 3rd barrier and back up east side. (Trailer mishap on route!) Peter, Jenni, Dennis, Jackie, Mary, Dave, Suzi, Erica, Lynne and Lynne* Calm flat on West side
Sun 18 May Roseness from 1st barrier and back Johnny, Peter, Matt, Angus, Jackie, Dennis, Dave, Donna  
Sat 17 May St Mary's - Scapa (one way)
Johnny Peter Ian Elspeth
NE 4-5 backing NW 4-5 Sunny
Tue 13 May Figure of eight round Renbister Holm and Damsay from Finstown slip
Johnny, Peter, Dave, Lesley, Mary, Jackie, Dennis, Matt and Nick Sunny NE3
Sun 11 May Round of Hunda from 3rd barrier porting over the Hunda barrier Johnny, Peter, Lesley, Nick, Matt, Jackie, Dennis, Mary and Dave
gentle Easterly
Sat 10 May Waulkmill from Scapa and back Johnny, Peter, Jenni, Elspeth, Ian Spence calm
Wed 7 May Thieves Holm Elspeth and Peter calm
Tue 6 May Scapa in wind Johnny Peter Mary ...  
Mon 5 May Circumnavigation of Burray Peter Nick and Angus SE4 sunny
Tue 29 Apr Inganess (lamb rescue) Johnny, Peter, Lesley, Nick, Mary, Erica, Matt, Jackie
Sun 27 Apr Scapa to roo point and back Johnny, Peter, Nick, Jackie, Matt, Angus, and Elspeth
Tue 22 Apr East side of Inganess Johnny, Peter, Nick, Lesley, Kate, Angus, Mary & Alan Fresh SE
Sun 20 Apr Stromness Bag the bruck: in kayaks: Peter, Richard, Mary, Maureen & Anna. On foot: Nick, Jenni, Kye, Kate, Lesley, Richard G & Frankie
Sat 19 Apr Scapa to Waulkmill (return) Peter & Matt  
Tue 15 Apr Inganess Induction, training: at Inganess: Kye, Johnny, Jackie, Mary, Kate, Matt, Suzi.
Trip: Peter, Lesley, Jenni
Sun 13 Apr Induction at Scapa Richard, Johnny, Kye, Peter, Lesley, Jenni, Nick, Mary, Alan, Jackie, Erica. Medium/Choppy
Sun 23 Mar Last pool session    
Sat 15 Mar Wind Wick to East Side beach on east side of S Ronaldsay Johnny Nick and Peter Best day this year so far