Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

Sun ?Feb Head of Holland from Inganess Peter Kye Johnny Joe & Erik Calm
March Scapa Maureen Caroline & Peter
Sun 23 April Around Damsay from Finstown Peter & Joe SW 4-5
Fri 28 April 1st to 3rd Churchill barrier
East side out west return.
Significant lift over 3rd barrier (LT)
Light NW. Still some swell on west side
Sat 29 April Kirkwall to Shapinsay Chris, Kirsty, Hidday, Mark, Douglas, Kye and Peter
Kye and Peter went as far as Sandgarth bay, rest continued up east side to Ness of Ork. School of orcas encountered by main group.
Light NW
Very sunny
Sun 30 April Junior Session at Taing of the Clett (Inganess had excess of Jetskiers!) Kye, Peter, Elspeth, Joe, Rachael, Briony, Christi and Nadia Light SE
Sat 6 May Yinstay from Inganess Johnny,  Kirsty and Peter SE 4-5
Mon 8 May Scapa to Hemp stack Elspeth and Peter  
Tue 9 May afternoon Coastal route west from Broch of Gurness Peter Mark and Dermott  
Tue 9 May Scapa to Hestigeo Erik, Lesley, Peter and Joe Dead calm
short trip followed by rolling and rescue practice
Wed 10 May Scapa Peter and Douglas school of ?Pilot whales just off Scapa pier
Sat 13 May Scapa Peter Elspeth and Kye  
Sun 14 May Thieves' Holm from Kirkwall Joe, Peter, Elspeth and Kye Calm and bright
Light NE wind
Tue 23 May Inganess Peter Kye, Johnny, Jimmy, Judith and Hannah  
Tue 30 May Scapa Erik, Fiona and Jenni Cool northerly wind
Wed 31 May Bay of Firth Joe, Rachel P and Peter Flat calm
Sat 3 Jun Kirkwall Marina Final part of BCU canoe safety course
Erik, Rachel P, Lesley, Kye, Kirsty and Peter
Brisk NW wind
Sat 3 Jun Taing of Clett (Inganess) Family session followed by BBQ NW
Sun 4 Jun Auskerry and Deerness peninsula Chris, Erik and Phil Calm
Sun 4 Jun The Gloup and Brough of Deerness Peter, Kye, Caroline, Johnny, Jenni, Joe, Rachel P, Fiona Calm sea and blue sky
Tue 6 Jun Caves on East Holm (Notster) from Newark Peter, Kye, Jenni, Maureen and Kristian gentle NE calm
We 7 Jun Inganess Peter and Elspeth  
Wed 14 Jun Round Damsay from Finstown Peter and Jenni SE
Thu 15 Jun Scapa to Hemp stack Peter and Elspeth Calm
Sat 17 Jun Tingwall to Rousay on to Egilsay and back to Rousay Kye Peter and Liz Jordan
Annual (motorised) Rousay raft race
(Scrapyard challenge on water!)
Moderate SW on crossing to Egilsay
Sun 18 Jun Houton Kye and Joe  
Sun 18 Jun Inganess Peter and Elspeth  
Thu 22 Jun Scapa to Waulkmill and back Peter and Jenni Westerly 3-4
Tue 27 Jun Skaill Bay Erik, Peter and Neil bright sun. calm in bay but significant westerly swell
Sun 2 July Stromness - Merkister via Lochs Stennes and Harray Erik, Joe, Peter, Maureen, Jenni & Caroline
Fiona, Alistair, Rachael F & Kye
calm but overcast
Tue 4 July Scapa Bay Joe, Kye, Jenni, Fiona, Kirsty, Rachael F, Jimmy, Kevin mild southerly, overcast
Thu 6 July Head of Holland from Inganess Peter, Jenni and Thomas mild nw
Tue 18 Jul Inganess Kye, Jenni, Jimmy  
Sun 23 Jul Yinstay from Inganess Kye Peter Elspeth Calm
Mon 24 Jul Scapa almost to Waulkmill Johnny, Peter, Elspeth gentle SE
Tue 25 Jul Round Damsay from Finstown Peter Kye Caroline Jenni Jimmy Kevin Kristian Erica Calm
Wed 26 Jul Newark to Dingieshowie and back Peter Elspeth Sue Easterly swell
Thu 27 Jul 1st to 3rd barrier
down east side back west side
Peter Jenni Erica George Calm
Sun 30 Jul St Mary's to Scapa Peter and Elspeth NW
Tue 1 Aug Hemp Stack from Scapa Peter Kye Jenni Fiona Wet NW
Sat 5 Aug Kirkwall to Inganess Peter Johnnie Kye Elspeth Caroline SW then SE 5
Sun 6 August Inganess training session Johnnie Peter Kye Elspeth Elyse Rachael F Fiona W 4-5
Tue 8 Aug Inganess Johnny Peter Kye Andrew Jenni Fiona Lesley SW 5-6
Sat 12 Aug Hestigeo from Scapa Peter & Fiona Cool NW 4-5. overcast
Sun 13 Aug Towards Roseness from 1st barrier Joe Kye Peter Johnnie and Elspeth overcast NW 4-5
Tue 15 Aug Hestigeo from Scapa Johnnie, Peter, Caroline, Jenni, Leslie, Fiona MacN, Fiona M & Zak NW 4-5
Tue 15 Aug 3 Star Assessment Chris Kye Joe Kristian NW 4-5
Thu 17 Aug Exercise with RNLI Joe, Erik, Kye, Caroline, Leslie, Peter, Jenni and Fiona MacNab Easterly 2-3
Sun 20 Aug Inganess Joe, Kye, Johnnie, Fiona MacN, Fiona, Douglas  
Tue 22 Aug Scapa Joe, Kye, Johnnie, Fiona MacN, Jenni, Fiona, Douglas, Jane  
Wed 23 Aug Scapa Peter and Elspeth, Douglas and Christine Calm
Thu 24 Aug Scapa Peter with Heather and Clive Calm
Sat 26 Aug Holm to Scapa Johnny, Peter, Jenni and Fiona (MacN) SE 4-5
Sun 27 Aug Junior session followed by self rescue practice at Scapa Joe, Kye, Peter, Elspeth, Jenni, Fiona MacNAb, Fiona Mathieson, Zak, Nadia, Leslie, Thorfinn, Caroline 2, Michael, Elias, ? SW 4-5
Sun 3 Sep Houton Joe Kye and both Fionas  
Tue 5 Sep Scapa Joe Fiona and Johnny SE 5-6 Wet
Sat 9 Sep Water Marshalling for Triathlon Erik, Joe, Kye, Johnny, Peter, Fiona MacNab, Lesley, Douglas  
Sat 9 Sep Papla's Hole East coast Tankerness Johnny, Peter, Fiona, Elspeth SE
Sun 10 Sep 3rd barrier from Holm pier Kye, Johnny, Peter, Fiona and Peter Weston SE 4-5
Tue 12 Sep Brough of Deerness and Gloup from Sandside Peter and Peter Weston little wind but still significant eastern swell
Tue 12 Sep Thieves Holm from Shapinsay slip Kye, Johnny, Peter, Fiona MacNab, Kristian, Elspeth and Erica Calm
Sat 16 Sep Houton to Brig o'Waithe Johnny, Peter, Jenni and Fiona MacNab 5-6 SE
Sun 17 Sep Scapa Joe, Erik, Bryony + ? Calm
Sun 17 Sep Round Damsay from Finstown Johnny, Peter, Joe, Jenni, both Fionas, Caroline Sinclair, Elspeth  Calm
Sun 24 Sep Around Glims Holm from 2nd barrier. Joe, Kye, Fiona MacNab and Jacob Calm on the W, more significant swell on the E
Mon 25 Sep Hemp Stack from Scapa Peter, Elspeth Calm
Sat 30 Sep East side of Burray from 3rd barrier and back Peter, Elspeth, Fiona and Jenni moderate NW sunny
Sun 1 Oct Point of Backaquoy from Finstown Peter, Kye, Elspeth brisk NE
Thu 5 Oct Hemp Stack from Scapa Peter, Jenni Calm bright evening with full moonrise at sunset
Sun 15 Oct West side of Burray from 3rd barrier
and back
Peter, Jenni & Elspeth SE 3-4
Sun 17 Dec Head of Holland from Inganess Peter Calm sea and sunny!
Sun 24 Dec Scapa Johnny (AKA Santa), Peter, Elspeth  Calm and mild