Orkney Sea Kayaking Association

Kayaking around Orkney - an archipelago of islands off the North coast of Scotland

Fri 23 April  Head of Holland from Inganess Johnny Mark Nanning Peter  
Sun 25 April Cava from Houton Johnny Kye Mark Peter Rachel Sunny and absolutely calm
Sun 2 May Inganess Bay Douglas Joe Kye Maureen Peter Tom Dry SW4-5
Sun 9 May Scapa Beach Elspeth Joe Kye Lesley Rachel Rachael Sunny and absolutely calm
Sat 15 May Inganess to Carness Peter Mark Nanning Strong westerly prevented continuing into Kirkwall.
Peter sunburnt ++
Sun 16 May Firth Bay Kye Peter Joe Nanning Naomi Paul Westerly Overcast
Sun 30 May Scapa Beach Kye Peter Joe Rachel Caroline Johnny
Daniel Rachael Adam Bryony Amber and Neve
Calm but misty
June 20 Midnight paddle to celebrate the summer solstice and see the sunrise.   CANCELLED due to poor forecast
July 10 1 & 2 Star Training & Awards
Scapa Beach
Peter Naomi Christine & Neil Coach & Examiner: Chris Jex
Aug 11 Inganess Naomi Caroline Kye Nanning ...  
Aug 14 Newark across Dingieshowie towards Roseness Kye Caroline Peter Hot and Sunny. Mild swell.
Aug 15 Inganess round Yinstay Head and back Neil Alistair Peter Flat calm. Overcast.
  Newark across Dingieshowie towards Roseness Caroline Peter Lesley Kye  
Sep 4 Pool Training Session    
Sep 5 Kirkwall Bay Caroline Peter Lesley Kye Sue Derren  
Sep 18 Pool Training Session    
Nov Pool Training Session